Carnivale Icon Challenge

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Welcome to the Carnivale Icon Challenge!
Your friendly neigborhood mod is wicked_goddess.

  • On Monday, a challenge will begin. It most likely will be a cap, but it could be a theme, or a lyric or just about anything. You will have until Sunday at noon P.S.T. to submit your entry. Voting will begin Sunday afternoon and conclude Monday morning.

  • Winners will be announced on Monday.

  • Unless otherwise specificied, you may only enter one icon

  • All icons must fit the lj requirements of 100x100 or smaller, and less than 40kb.

  • If the challenge is a screencap, please use only the cap given. Likewise, if the challenge is lyrical, you must use at least 4 consecutive words from the lyric.

  • Enter your icons as a new post to the community. Please post the url underneath the icon.

  • You will vote for your top 3 icons, in order of preference. Each vote will be weighted: each first place vote is worth 3 points, each second place vote is worth 2 points, and each third place vote is worth 1 point. The icons with the most points win. There will also be a mod's choice award.

  • You must vote to win (unless you let us know ahead of time that you won't be around) and you must vote for 3 icons or your vote will be disqualified. Oh and please don't vote for yourself; that's tacky!

screencaps from raven_annabelle & wordswasted
caps by dtshurricane can be found here
additional caps from Carnivale.org and The Midway


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